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For Artists by Artists.

 Our mission for 10 years has been to help promote local artists.

These companies have improved their image with Bruce Burr Photography... You can too !

1- Potential buyers have to SEE your work (it's hard to love what they have never seen)
2- They have to REALLY love it (everyone will say "that's beautiful or very creative")
3- AND their significant other (or their mother) has to love it too!
4- They have to have a place to put it (we have all heard "I have no wall space")
5- Lastly a buyer has to have the money ($ or $$ or $$$ or hopefully $$$$$)

If these five things occur...  you can't stop it... your work is SOLD!

Bruce Burr 

Connie Towns Burr

The best compliment is your recommendation of our services to your friends and colleagues, Thank you.

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2D original art to a digital file... $10 each

Dimensional original art to a digital file... $25 each

3D art to a digital file... $45 each (includes 3 views)

Files delivered electronically with in 24 hours (included)

Professional Digital Files Of Your Original Art Work

"Invest in yourself. Your creative career is your wealth."

1 - Keep your files secure in three different places.
On your computer, external hard drive kept in different location and cloud backup (google drive, amazon photos backup, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive etc.)

2 - Get your creative life organized - allows you to look back at your artistic      progress and gain insights in ways to improve your art.
3 - You'll have great digital files for Show Entries, your Web Site or to create      a Digital Portfolio or a Print Portfolio.

4 - Create Postcards, Business Cards or a Marketing Brochure.

5 - Make fine art prints to sell or greeting cards as "thank-yous" to your buyers.

The best compliment is your recommendation of our services to your friends and colleagues, Thank you.

mobile  818-298-7315         619-567-3420

Cabela's Rudy's Snell Tyer Reviews:
Best fishing idea since the barbed hook
Have been looking for this product for a while. Had one as a kid 40 years ago. I ordered a couple of them so I can give them to my fishing buddies. Sure makes it easy for old eyes.
Really nice when using 4lb. spiderwire or other fine lines.
Strong nylon construction and indestructible. Also easy to mount to the top of the tackle box or a table top.  You won't be disappointed.

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