"The Original Fisherman's Knot Tying Tool"

You will have more time...
actually FISHING!

"It makes knot tying simple for the beginner

and gives a neat, strong knot for the veteran angler."

STUART JAMES - Popular Mechanics

  More Fish'n... Less Cuss'n !

Loved by many thousands of fishermen all over the US and Canada for 60 years.

It gives you a helping hand, tying small hooks & specialty light-line applications.

Holds your hook and line making knot tying quick as a snap!

Made of rugged nylon to last a lifetime.

Great for spinner and trailing rigs.

Clear directions for basic knots and the Snell Tie included.



(within the 48 contiguous United States)


Only $12.00

Buy Two - $20.00

and surprise a friend!


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In November 1998 I purchased fishing wizard and inventor Rudy Mason's amazing RUDY's SNELL TYER

The Burbank Leader - Wednesday September 4, 1985

Businessman Rudy Masson has assembled a machine which he conceived and built, that would rival any of Rube Goldberg's creations, into a most profitable business.

At his shop on West Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, Masson manufactures, labels and packages Rudy's Snell Tyer which will snell and tie any size fishing hook. While on a fishing trip to Virginia Lakes many years ago, Masson's hands became so numbed by the cold that he continually dropped his hook and line while trying to make his knots.

Always the inventor, Masson started designing a prototype of his present product from a metal lamp clamp, a needle and a cork. His first attempt was clumsy and heavy.

That was 21 years ago. Now Masson travels around the country to sports shows demonstrating his product under the sponsorship of Garcia Fishing Products.

Travel is not new to Masson.  At the age of 15 he came to America as part of a high-wire act with Ringling Bros. Circus.  He worked in the circus a few years, then went into musical comedy, working with Eddie Cantor and performing his specialty, Adagio Dancing.

Masson has been involved in many aspects of show business including vaudeville, the Broadway stage and motion pictures. He did stunt work in the movies and stunt doubled for Tony Curtis, Robert Taylor and Clark Gable."


In Nov.1998 I purchased Rudy's supply of #300 & #400's  Snell Tyers - (#400's are no longer available).  I moved into his office & workshop and have been selling his Snell Tyers ever since.

Rudy retired and moved with his wife Albertine to Florida and on September 2nd, 2001 Rudy passed away.

                                     Thank you Rudy,  I'm lucky to have known you.

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