"Rudy's Snell Tyer - The Original Fisherman's Knot Tying Tool"

Easy & Secure

More Fish'n... Less Cuss'n !

    Loved by many thousands of fishermen all over the US and Canada for 60 years.

    It gives you a helping hand, tying small hooks & specialty light-line applications.

    Holds your hook and line making knot tying quick as a snap!

    Made of rugged nylon to last a lifetime.

    Clear directions for basic knots and the Snell Tie included.

    Great for spinner and trailing rigs.

"It makes knot tying simple for the beginner

and gives a neat, strong knot for the veteran angler."

STUART JAMES - Popular Mechanics

Rudy's will bring a bigger catch to your bottom line!

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   Rudy's Snell Tyer is 100% guaranteed!

~ Just return (within 60 days) any defective Tyer for study

    and I  will replace the failed product.

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~ Good fishing to 'ya!  ......Bruce

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