"Rudy's Snell Tyer - The Original Fisherman's Knot Tying Tool"

These are some of the letters Rudy and I have received over the years (I did not make this up)

I've used Rudys Tyer for 30 years and it has never failed me, come wind, waves or high water, simply the bast. Thanks B.Michaels

Thanks! I got my order today!  They sure help me get my hooks tied on without botherin' my husband to do it so we can Both do more fishin'!  I've had one for years and glad to get a new replacement.

Bruce- My name is Mike and I just want to say that the Rudy Snell Tyer is one of the best fishing product ever invented. I was given my first Rudy's Snell Tyer when I was about twelve but lost it in my twenties and I am now 56 and have been looking for this product for 36 years. One day I discovered your website and I ordered four of them. One for myself , two for friends and the forth to keep a tradition going. My grandfather gave me mine and I bought one to give to my grandson. Thank you for continuing to sell Rudy's product and for allowing me to continue a tradition. Sincerely- Michael, Fox Lake, IL

Great item, I am so happy I found you on line. I have used one since 1980 and am sorry to say it got smashed in a recent move. I would be lost without it as I do a lot of fishing and use it to make all my spinners! Patti - Pierre, South Dakota

Bruce- I not only want one #300 Snell Tyer, but please send me four. I have two fishing buddies that I want to give one to, and I want to have a spare in case I lose mine again. Richard - Grants Pass, OR

Gentlemen, Some years ago I purchased Rudy's Tyer. On opening day of trout season this year, I dropped it overboard. Had it not been snowing I might have gone in after it but I could not retrieve it. I really love this little tool and have been using it to tie on those tiny treble hooks for many years. Sincerely, Richard - Grants Pass, Oregon

Bruce- What a fast, excellent tool. Please send me Two # 300's. Thanks, Steve - Ellsworth, Kansas

Hello, I received my order of Rudy's Snell Tyers. You have made our fishing group very happy. We are planning a trip up to Flin Flon, Manitoba in September and we make most of our spinning baits, so we were devastated when I broke our only tyer. Actually you may have saved me from months of criticism. Thank You, John - Des Moines

Thanks, As a part time tackle maker (spinners & jigs) I would be lost without Rudy's Tyer. They are the best little gadgets ever made.Jack- Dryden,Ontario

Bruce- Thank you very much for rushing my recent order to me. Thank you also for trusting me with the payment. You have an outstanding product, that is so easy to use. Thanks again, Bob - Milwaukee, WI

Dear Sir, I was introduced to your Snell Tyer a couple of years ago by my brother. I tied 30 or 40 worm harness spinners with it and it worked great! Please send price and product info. I look forward to tying some more lures with my own "Tyer" soon. Sincerely, A. J. - Roseau, MN

Dear Rudy, I have your Snell Tyer - Still going strong after 30 years of use - But I would like to buy a new one. Please send the instructions and how I can obtain a new Tyer in the enclosed stamped addressed envelope. Thanking you in anticipation, Kenneth - Grover Beach, CA

Dear Sir: I would like to know how I could secure 4 each of either #300 or #400 Snell Tyer. I have owned several of your models and have nearly worn them out. Again, please send an invoice as soon as possible. Hoping that you can help me. Sincerely, John - Latrobe, PA

Dear Sirs, I would like to order some of your Snell Tyers. I have one of your old ones I just love! Thanks Tony - Thief River Falls, MN

Dear Sirs: A number of years back I purchased a little gadget called a Rudy's Snell Tyer No.300. I purchased this from Cabela's but they no longer stock this item. (they do now) I've looked all over South Dakota looking for a couple of these handy little tools. Do you still have these and can you tell me the current price and where they can be found? Sincerely, Rollie - Lake Norden, SD

Gentlemen: I am inquiring about the "Snell Tyer" #300 which I purchased from Cabela's some years ago. I am seeking a replacement and some for my fishing friends. Please send literature and prices so we can order these units - They work Great! Sincerely, Frank - Mankato, MN

Gentlemen: Several years ago I purchased a hook sneller in Sidney, Nebraska. A Rudy's #300. This has been the best little gadget that I've had in years and I'm only sorry that I did not purchase several at that time. Sincerely, Mary - Commerce City, CO

Sirs, In the past I have purchased your Snell tiers with and without cutters from Cabela's and Bass Pro. Are you still in business and what does your product line include. If you have a catalog, info or samples please send. This has been a good selling product. Mike's Tackle - Canton, NY

Whom it may concern, My son has your tier #300. He just loves his and says it sure saves a lot of money on night crawler harness'. I would like very much to buy one. Please send your order information. Thank You, Matthew - Sterling Heights, MI

Dear Sir, Thanks for trusting me and sending the "Rudy's Snell Tyer" so fast. The North Dakota and Minn. area is about the best fishing market area that I can think of. The people around here are more conservative and they do a lot of their own spinner and trailing rigs on their own. Thanks again, you have a great product. Sincerely Yours, Steven - Lisbon, ND

Rudy- I am writing about your Rudy's #300. I had one as a kid. I am going up to Canada this summer with some fishing buddies. I like to Snell my own hooks while sitting around the fire. Please send order information. Thanks, Mark - Eau Claire, WI

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